Dr Rosemary Leonard – PR advocate / shill / stooge for GlaxoSmithKline

Dr Rosemary "Shill" LeonardI hate a shill. Don’t you? The sort of person who goes on TV and pushes stuff that they get paid for. But somehow always neglect to mention.

So in case you think that Dr Rosemary Leonard is your friend, or an unbiased source of medical information. You might want to take a moment to look into her details a little.

Here is her latest little “campaign” on the BBC. Attempting to convince the public that they really should rush to get a flu shot. All Despite the BBC reporting in July that GlaxoSmithKline (G.S.K.) have created 30 million and that the Government has a stockpile of 21 million. Or perhaps this story where it mentions the 34 million jabs the NHS have stockpiled.

So why would she make up a story. I mean it’s not like she gets paid for GSK for public relations or anything. What? Sorry… she DOES.

In fact, Dr Rosemary Leonard DOES get paid fees for public relations for GSK. But you don’t need to take my word for it? Because Dr Rosemary Leonard’s media agency tells us that she does PR work for “drug companies”. But more over than that, she had to declare such interests to work when at the “Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency”. If you take the time to read this PDF. You’ll see that Dr Rosemary had to declare that she’s done PR work for Lilly, Crookes Healthcare and….you guess it GlaxoSmithKline.

All of which wouldn’t be so bad. If it wasn’t the fact that she was flogging the idea of going down to your local GP and getting a shot from the same company. Funny how she doesn’t mention she’s been paid to publicise their products, isn’t it. No, not funny at all.



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