Interesting fact – Nothing more

I got this from reading Joe Bastardi’s weather blog on

A MIND BOGGLING FACTOID ABOUT HOW SMALL MAN ACTUALLY IS. From an email from Peter Wraxall, who made one of the most concise common sense arguments as to why the climate is cyclical I have ever read. But the last paragraph blows me away:

“It is theorized that 106 Billion people have been born into this World in total. By my calculations (which could easily be wrong)…..if all 106 Billion people were represented as a standard adult dressed in black…standing 4 persons per metre squared… would only black out an area the size of Wales in the UK……then remember that only 6 to 7 Billion people are currently alive at present” Wow!

Wow indeed.

Kind of reminds me of the myth that there are more people alive than have every lived….. totally bogus, obviously.



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