Richard Black – Ministry of Truth Carbon Shill

I’m only posting this because there’s NO WAY this will appear on the BBC website, and I’m feeling in a mood due to lack of sleep.

Once again, Richard Black kisses the arse of the UN’s IPCC in another stomach churning one sided report on how wonderful Cancun was.

So I’ve posted this comment in the vein hope it will appear. Feel better though.

Well done for thinking the $100 billion CO2 gravy train is a good thing for the world.

Or how certain individuals stands to be tens of millions from the Cap and Trade BUSINESS. Or perhaps the allowance of derivatives in this market.

You idiot.

It’s NOTHING to do with the environment and EVERYTHING to do with making money and keeping power; and you’ve bought into it hook line and sinker.

But then you do represent the Ministry of Truth, so what are we to expect…..
.. this comment never being moderated onto the board for one.

Oddly the parallels with the whole thing being held in Mexico and their aims don’t escape me. Mexico, where money and power means privilege and corruption and the rest of the population suffer. Meanwhile, OUTSIDE the conference, more of the same 😀


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