More Climate Change rhetoric from the Ministry of Truth

The BBC have posted this time line of climate change on their website.

In it they mention various people who postulated a theory, sparse on details, of course.

One the identify is Guy Callendar. They write;

1938 – using records from 147 weather stations around the world, British engineer Guy Callendar shows that temperatures had risen over the previous century. He also shows that CO2 concentrations had increased over the same period, and suggests this caused the warming. The “Callendar effect” is widely dismissed by meteorologists.

Funny they dismiss it. Because at the time CO2 was a little over a billion tonnes a year. Oddly, by 1989 emissions were SIX TIMES higher at six billion tonnes per year. So are global temperatures 3-4c HIGHER now, than in 1938?

No. So Callendar was WRONG. Yet he’s mentioned here as though he’s some kind of super hero.

Just which they’d read their OWN facts some times. Know what I mean?


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