Is Afghanistan another British Opium War?

Is the war in Afghanistan a front for a British drug cartel?

On the back of this white wash report from the BBC it appears that Victor Ivanof is more than a little pissed off about the British actions in Afghanistan. It seems that we are having a merry old time destabling Russia by pushing heroin into their back door.

Anyone who thinks this sounds all very familiar, might remember (from History class) the first time we tried this; China, during the Opium War.

Lyndon LaRouche’s website goes a little further and pulls no punches. I copy it here in full, the original can be found here. I’ve not seen this story, or a rejection of it, in any other publication.

One More Reason for Impeachment Now: Obama Peddles British Opium War Policy

President Obama’s Afghan policy is “made in London” and it fully backs the British opium war against Russia, China, India and Europe. Since coming into office, Obama has consistently opposed the policy recommendations of his generals, that you cannot make any progress in Afghanistan without wiping out the opium and heroin trade. Obama is a British tool, and the last thing in the world that he is going to do is to buck the British and crack down on the opium trade.

Lyndon LaRouche stated, once again on Monday, that Obama’s fully witting support for the British opium war policy in Afghanistan is one more good reason for his immediate removal from office—by impeachment or forced resignation. Obama is following the British line, defending the very drug trade that is providing the arms to the Taliban that are used in killing American soldiers. Even the latest public revelations from the Bob Woodward book, appearing on the front page of Monday’s Washington Post and other newspapers around the country, made clear: Obama fought against Defense Secretary Gates, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mullen, and CENTCOM Commander Petraeus on the Afghan policy. He refused to take on the London-backed opium and heroin trade. We know that earlier this year, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in collaboration with Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov, pressed for joint anti-opium operations, and even got one successful pilot project in Helmand Province through, but Obama has been adamant: Don’t mess with London’s opium operations!

This is a true crime against humanity by President Obama. He had opportunity after opportunity to correct this policy, and he refused. When he conferred with his generals, all the way back in October-November 2009, he complained bitterly and freaked out over the pressure he was getting, to go after the dope trade. If he doesn’t like the pressure, caused by his thoroughly immoral British dope policy, then he can just quit! Do the country, the world, and himself a big favor. Just pack his bags and leave.

Russia’s top anti-narcotics official, Victor Ivanov, delivered a stunning account last Friday of the massive flows of opium and heroin, through Central Asia into Russia and then on to Europe. Russia is getting zero cooperation from Obama, in combating the dope flows, and we know that the Brits were openly smuggling dope out of Afghanistan and arming the Taliban—until the U.S. Marines moved in and took charge of the Helmand Province away from the Brits. Without the Dope, Inc. income stream running through British offshore havens like Dubai, the entire British Empire would have folded long ago. It’s that system to which Obama is a slave.

Lyndon LaRouche on Monday also reiterated the message he delivered with pungency and force at Friday’s historic webcast: The U.S. Congress must remain in session in Washington and must pass Glass Steagall now! There are no fall-back options. If this does not happen, the country is gone. This is not something that you can take a chance on. Our policy is clear: Glass Steagall now! There is a special place in Hell reserved for those shitheads who try to stop this. The nation, quite simply, will not survive without the reinstating of Glass Steagall. None of the other policies, necessary to rebuild our Republic and the rest of the world are possible without Glass Steagall.

This requires immediate action. There are no “ifs.” No one on the planet with a brain will argue against LaRouche on this issue. This is the only chance for humanity. So we must continue and escalate our all-out mobilization to break Congress free from their folly. You cannot water down or delay the point. You can’t try to make things palatable, and be serious about saving the country from otherwise certain ruin.

The problem can be summarized simply: Opposition to the moustache. The fact is that the vast majority of Americans view the murderous Obamacare as the deep, sustained issue driving their rage. Anyone sane and moral in the country wants Obama out of office for the health care policy alone. So, no pulling punches.


My own view on the Obamacare fiasco is as follows. The American public were sold a scheme similar to Canada, with fixed premiums set at a reasonable rate and a real alternative to the insurance scheme model. What they got was INCREASED premiums from the insurance companies and then exceptions (yes, they still DO exist) and then a whole bunch of more crap legislation on top. Such as the $10k fine for NOT taking the jacked up insurance plan. So insurance companies stand to make $BILLIONS.

None of this should be a real surprise to Obama fans. After all, insurance companies did form the major part of his backing to the White House. Cynical I know, but it is a fact. They paid him into office and got what they wanted. Now every single American MUST pay premiums to them, by law.

China Daily recently run a story on the subject of drugs coming from Afghanistan.

The question you’ve got to be asking yourself is. How is it possible for the US/UK/coalition troops to miss over FIVE HUNDRED drug labs in the country.I realise it’s rugged country. But are you seriously trying to tell me that they don’t give off a heat signature?

And how are they shipping 35 tonnes of processed drugs material acrosss the border.

It’s all very fishy.



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