Climate woe sculpture – Idiots in action

200 students and activists are highlighting the plight of the environment by driving into the Egyptian desert in coaches, trucks, jeeps and cars and covering an area the size of a football pitch in black plastic. So the BBC report here.

I assume they are “highlighting” the problem by demonstrating who bloody stupid they are. It’s all part of Project 350, whose aim is that the world it’s a 350 ppm CO2 figure in the atmosphere.

Of course, as with ALL environmentalist movements on this subject, the necesasry measures don’t apply to them. Why no, because they are fucking up the environment “for a good cause”.

I mean, don’t think I’m being mean and targetting this bunch of well meaning but effectively ill informed bunch of people. There are plenty of other misguided and easily led bunch of people… namely actors. Lets fact it, they are given lines and told what to do for a job. So they are perfect targets for this kind of moment.

So this video showing Gillian Anderson justifying her own THOUSANDS of miles flying because “it’s for a good cause” won’t be too much of a surprise.

Her actually statement to the question “Did you fly here” is the rather glib;

“Yeah, it’s too far to walk.”. But her follow up rehearced statement is even more stupid.

“Sometimes, some people have to fly in order to make a stand, to get peoples attention for these issues.”

So, “some” people (her, other actors, politicians etc) HAVE to fly to show people how bad it is for the environment for people to fly. Yeah, I can that making total sense.


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