Too cheeky? – Email to the Prime Minister

Pretty arsed off about the news that the Government is going to bung another £8 billion towards another cause; this one British Railways. This is just days after being told we are gong to hand over a similar figure to the Irish Government. The “investment” is mean to prop up their banks because we do SO MUCH trading with them. Reality, they are just 5% our trading partner. The figures don’t add up.

So I’ve decided to vent a little at the Prime Minister.

Dear Prime Minister,

I’m emailing you with deep concern that following the announcement that we could no longer afford anything in this country and needed to cut public spending; your Government has just gone ahead and committed nearly £14 billion of public funds to propping up a currency we are not involved in and purchase rolling stock for private enterprises.

Essentially, you have sent the message to the UK population that we can forget hospitals, public services etc, but the Irish Government can’t do without. Does that sound like a decent way to treat the people you are paid to represent? Especially given the “trading” figures between Northern Ireland and Ireland hardly justify the expense, despite statements to the contrary.

I could do with some extra cash, any chance you could bung me a few thousand. Or do I need to have a PR company like Hill and Knowlton lobby for me?

Yours Robert Leather


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