William J Clinton Foundation publishes IRS report

So I see that Bill Clinton’s personal charitable foundation has published it’s for 2009. So this is PRE-Haiti fund raising. But still makes interesting reading.

You can get the report itself form here.

It certainly makes interesting reading. Just how does a charity justify spending all but $13m of it’s it’s $250m in revenues on expenses, buildings, salaries etc.

Of course, there’s not actually a detailed breakdown of the individual expenses. But you can imagine that somewhere in that pile would be a certain amount of wedge in Bill’s direction for “consultation” of some kind or other.

It’s estimated that the William J Clinton Foundaton and Bush’s own charity (name escapes me… something about Texas…) took over $4 BILLION in donations for Haiti. So far, it’s handed out (as reported by Reuters and the BBC) just $3 million.

What’s with that!?


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