Antler and their none existant 7 year guarantee

Antler is one of the oldest names if luggage in the UK. Their Bury (UK) based factory has been creating luggage for over 80 years. [1]

So it comes as some surprise that a company with this reputation and a 7 year guarantee would get such a terrible reputation for service. But that’s just what appears to be the case.

Quite recently my father in law invested in a set of Antler travel cases for his recent trip abroad. After just a single journey the handle has started to tear away from the case and closer examination it appears the stitching and actual construction is substandard. Or should we say “not fit for purpose”.

So you’d imagine that Antler would be happy to back up that 7 year guarantee of theirs and provide either a repair OR a replacement. You might imagine, but you’d be TOTALLY WRONG.

Antler couldn’t give a damn about their reputation and the 7 year guarantee isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

Now this would be bad enough if it was an isolated incident. But it’s not, there are plenty of people complaining, as anybody armed with a search engine can find out. Take Consumer Action Group as an example [2].

Review Centre [3] is a good example. There are 11 reviews against Antler luggage and NOT A SINGLE ONE is complimentary. For example;

1/2 star on 17th Apr 2009

Bought Antler Size Zero less than a month. After first trip stitching started to come apart. Antler say that it is wear and tear and won’t honour 7 year warranty. The Antler warranty sounds good until you find out they won’t help. There is not a scratch to indicate the case was mishandled by air carrier.

Or this seemingly positive review, until you read the details.

4 stars from Sandra1 on 13th Jun 2008

I had no problem returning it to the store in Leeds. The assistant was extremely helpful and went the extra mile to give good customer service.

So Antler are OK because you had to return their faulty goods and they dealt with it. That doesn’t sound that terrific. Perhaps if they didn’t need to return it in the first place, that would be better. Yeah?

1 1.2 stars from dhayes99 on 31st Oct 2007

Great lightweight suitcase, which is unfortunately is not fit for purpose. On arriving in the USA the 1st suitcase made it to the taxi and then the handle refused to go down. On our return 14 days later the 1st suitcase still refused to budge and whilst in departures terminal the 2nd suitcase suffered the same problem. The result was US Homeland Security had to push down the handle. So far the suitcases have been back with Antler for 4 weeks with no date as to when they will be returned. I am having to re-borrow my old Delsey range for my next trip. Good Idea and weight, let down by its manufacturing quality. Avoid the Antler lightweight range.

1 star on 20th Aug 2009

Antler Laser cabin trolley looks stilish and is very light – unortunately that is due to a marginally thin shell, made of cheap ABS plastic. After few uses as cabin bag, the bottom stand came off while trundling along an airport- jut like that, it was ripped out of the shell, which has no strengthening to resist lateral impact. Antler were courteous but firm when advising that their warranty only extends to manufacturing faults and that something extraordinary must have inflicted the damage, and that it could not be repaired. In my judgement, the bag is poorly designed and not fit for its purpose as suitcase. With lightweight luggage, the durability of materials is more critical than ever, and more expensive choices, as used in some Samsonites or Rimowa, may be required. Very poor after sales customer care by Antler!

Consider yourself forewarned.


[1] Antler history

[2] Consumer Action Group Complaint

[3] Review Centre Reviews

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