10:10 – What’s pretty obvious to me..

So a lot of chat has been going on about the very distasteful environmental (emphasis on mental) video from 10:10.

The message is that either you support the 10:10 carbon cutting campaign or you’ll be killed (or better off dead, you decide).

The “No Pressure” campaign was created by Richard Curtis, of Black Adder (although the funny bits were Ben Elton) and Four Weddings and a Funeral fame. Lets not go there….

Anyway, while it’s OK for Richard Curtis to fly around the world, for the rest of us it is VERY bad and we need to cut down 10% of our carbon dioxide out by 2010. I’m sure with the amount of vitriol being thrown at this stupid campaign, he’s already blown that out of the water.

Except… they haven’t. Because the key thing is that now, 10:10 is a household name. It’s known, even if it is for a bad thing. So now, representatives of 10:10 will be able to go on news shows and tell everybody how sorry they are for any offense caused why still being able to get their agenda over.

I sure hope they are cut off in their prime. That would be the correct amount of justice.

If you missed the video (and I’d be glad if you have) then here is a link to one posted on YouTube. It’s currently running the gauntlet of criticism.

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