Nice driving! NOT! WR54 JNZ – Crap Van – Moron Driver!

Hi Guys,

Just a small little post to have a pop at what has to be one of the worst drivers on British roads. Or at least one I have encountered in the last few days.

Gray Ford Transit WR54 JNZ driven by some half wit nearly crashed into me…. twice!

Ford Transit - Moron driver
One van, total moron driving it.

The first time, I was driving onto the M6 North bound, from Junction 15 Stoke on Trent. I moved into the EMPTY entrance lane, indicating as you’d expect. Then this total moron swings into the lane that I’M ALREADY IN and forces me to have to swerve into the hard shoulder to avoid being hit. Obviously I use the horn to tell him he’s about to hit me. So what does he do? SWERVE MORE.

So now I’m having to hammer on brakes to avoid this idiot who is now pushing into the hard shoulder; my final option being the grass embankment!

Incidentally, I imagine his texting while driving might have constituted to his general lack of ability. That and he’s a total pillock.

Second time around it was about 30 minutes later as I was overtaking him. Last second he decided to do a little overtaking of his own, meaning I had to apply the anchors once more or face being side swiped by the freakin’ idiot. At which point I did apply rather a lot of horn and a few choice words as I passed him. Much to his confusion. Because… yes, once again, he was playing with his phone and hadn’t bothered to check if there was anybody actually passing him.

Nice… I guess the more time I spend on the roads, the more likely it is I’m going to meet these people.

But this is what gets me, and this is the point of the post. At no point did he break the 70mph speed limit. Yet he nearly caused at LEAST two accidents I can account for. But Police speed cameras would NOT have picked up his erratic / bloody terrible driving.

So whilst speed CAN be a factor in major accidents;  I think it’s more important to note that poor driving remains the major factor in accidents and use of speed when not appropriate. To which I’d like to add the details of people who drive at 70mph in dense fog, snow or even torrential cloud bursts. Where is THERE ticket officer?


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