There’s a line for a reason HX55 HSA

Just to add to my motoring woes of the week. I was stopped on the A580 yesterday when this douche-bag decided that lights are purely optional and started moving forward to “get away first” I guess.

How not to operate the brake at the lights...
HX55 HSA - Miopic driver? Or just impatiant idiot?

Here is the picture of HX55 HSA, I took it deliberately at this time so you could see how far forward the driver was BEFOREĀ  the light turned green (the next colour in the sequence). Now large panel vans are hard to stop (for the non-driver) but this is a case where the driver couldn’t stop the vehicle from moving forwards!

He stopped at the lights, and the for reasons unknown decided to start moving forwards. How far? Well, about the length of an articulated lorry; one of which is parked patiently to it’s left. Note the huge gap between the van and the car behind it.

Incidentally, traffic moving across the junction had to swerve around the van in order to cross. Truly an impressive bit of idiot driving, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Sadly the traffic light camera would only trigger if the vehicle was moving faster! Go figure.

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