Behind the rhetoric – How Obama promoted predjudice

BBC News Article here.

Clearly nobody in the Obama white house has ever heard of the “Striesand Effect”. If they had, you might wonder why it is that the US President Obama would choose such a public platform to assist in promoting Terry Jones (no, not the Python) and his 50 followers “Koran burning party” this Saturday.

Idiots like Jones are best ignored, as nature intended. But instead of a simple dismissive statement to the effect of “Go figure, he’s an idiot”. Obama has created even more of a storm, even going so far as to suggest that it will case a “recruitment bonanza” for al-Qaeda.

Is he serious? I mean I realise that a bunch of equally misguided individuals will be burning US flags this weekend and looking angry (keep an eye out for the same old stock footage first seen after 9/11). But really, is the entire Islamic world going to be suddenly whipped up into a Jehadist frenzy because some poor white-trash preacher has decided to burn their holy book? Not at all.

I mean really. So a guy whose a totally normal, moderate Muslim is going to take one look at Jones and suddenly don a suit made of dynamite and take out his local Government office? Give me a break.

I also love how the BBC story states that “Indonesia said it would damage relations between Islam and the West”. What, did all of Indonesia call up everybody in the West to let us know? I must have missed that call.

You give credence to idiots and you encourage everybody to make a bigger noise.

You point the guy out to be an idiot and suddenly everybody sees the truth. That Jones is nothing more than a poor white trash preacher looking to score a few members by being controversial.

Or is there something more treacherous at foot here? Lets put it this way, if something happens in Florida this Saturday, you can sure that “al-Qaeda” will be “behind it”. Floridian’s take note.

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