Another Hill & Knowlton – Anti air travel piece

I found this on the BBC website.

The heading reads;

Jet and passenger plan e nearly collided over London

Except, if you both to read the article you’ll find that;

  • The planes were 1/2 mile apart
  • 100-200 ft apart in altitude
  • Both pilots were aware of each other
  • There was NEVER going to be a collision

So this looks to me like a nice puff piece put together by Hill and Knowlton, public relations company extraordinaire.

You see H&K have been hired by Siemens and other conglomerates in order to promote the concept of “High speed rail” throughout the world (but especially in the US). So anything that makes air or road travel appear back, well they love to promote it. After all, look how much airtime the steward quitting and exiting via the door got. By comparison, look how little press coverage the current tube strike is getting, despite its enormous impact on business.

Incidentally, Hill and Knowlton’s other clients include the IPCC. Now why would a scientific study into the climate require a public relations company?


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