ID Cards sneaked back by tricky Cabinet Office

So one of the big pledges of the new Government was that it would be scrapping the ID scheme; which it did.

So, if you are like me, you might be wondering why it is that Directgov is now putting out a pre-tender notice asking IT companies to provide ideas as to how to provide identity verification.

The article goes on to suggest that it might be purely relating to the Government Gateway. But frankly, that all sounds like BS.

Clearly, the opposition to the ID Card was so great to push it onto the public. The take up was DISASTROUS. They planned to flog 10,000 a month in Manchester and managed to shift less than 4,000 in three…. and they were to people who HAD to have it (i.e. foreign students).

So I guess what will happen now is that it will be subtly introduced for OUR safety and security for online transactions, perhaps in a handy “card form”. And then later it will be turned into the Identity Card.

Clearly, the new Government has less hubris than Brown’s cronies and does things with greater stealth.

It’s a case of, look at the new boss, same as the old boss.

Know any good countries to move too? 🙂

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