Using boobs to sell IT

OK. Pet peeve for today.

Why is it that Aria, Microdirect etc etc all feel the need to sell IT equipment with well equipped women attached to them? It’s almost endemic on the Aria website, but it’s just as bad (and stupid) in print media.

I realise that the majority of male IT sales people are infantile and male; but give me a break.

Aria showing the "specs" on it's TFT screen.
An example of the sort of "specs" you can expect to see at Aria


Check out the “specs” on this “True HD” Widescreen LCD Monitor at Aria.
£95 and “she’s” yours.

And in case you think I’m the only person to notice this.

Read the “Comments” section.

Girl by Rob
Nice looking girl in the picture, does she work for Aria?

Response by gavin
No, it’s Gemma Atkinson, she used to be in Hollyoaks Happy

Incidentally, that’s not me asking the question. But it’s a pretty good example of the sort of schoolboy humour that appears to have taken over the site.

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