Knowitalls – Epic Fail of BBC “Expert” quiz

I love it when “expert” programs make an arse of themselves. There is something deliciously about a smug show making a goof. Witness BBC’s latest attempt to create a new quiz to surpass the “Weakest Link”.

The show stars irritate-a-compare Gyles Brandreth presenting the quiz “with no questions”.

Know It All Epic FailEssentially contestants are given a subject and have to yak about it, hoping to name actual facts (rather than something heard in a pub) and in particular hit the list of facts that have be pre-selected.

Unfortunately, the shows aspirations of expertise are not always matched by the quality of the subjects or the staff in charge of the graphics. Here is the three “facts” pre-selected for the subject “Sahara Desert”. Just in case you miss it, the Sahara is in fact in “Northern Africa” and not “Nothern Africa” which of course doesn’t actually exist at all 🙂

Nice One


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