Replacing the bulb on a Sagem Axium HD45 H/S DLP Television-UPDATE

How much!!!!

So you’ve got a fantastic Sagem Axium HD45 H G4 and then 18 months go by and then suddenly… without warning (or very much warning)… nothing. Silence…. bulb gone.

Wander over to the web (if you dare) and look up the price of a replacement (projector) bulb unit. But before you do this, take a swift shot of whatever you need to calm your nerves because the news isn’t good. It’s bad… very bad.

In the UK at least I managed to track a lowest (that’s LOWEST) price of £355.27 ($710), that’s EXCLUDING VAT making the actual price around £420 ($840)!!!!. Which is even more shocking given that you can pick up a new Sagem Axium for about £1,100. So the bulb nearly equates to half it’s value!

Which kind of reminds me when a mate of mine asked for an car insurance quote many years ago and was told it would be £2,000. “TWO THOUSAND POUNDS!” he replied, “I’d have to right the car off twice to get my money back!”… said insurance agent hung up.

I digress…

Here’s how to save yourself £320.

Yes… £320! Sorry, but I realised I was starting to sound like an ‘Infomercial’.

The Sagem Axium HD45 (and 50 for that matter) is lit using a Osram P-VIP 100-120/13 E23h bulb. What a mouthful. Fact is, you can pick this bulb up for £100 ($200) from a number of suppliers in the UK.

But then what.

The Osram P-VIP 100-120/13 E23h bulb
The Osram Bulb as fitted to the Sagem Axium DLP television

Step One – Shopping List

  • Order you bulb, as detailed above.
  • Make sure you’ve got some 20mm 0.5 Amp fuses. If you haven’t, then order them, because they are essential to the completion of your installation.
  • You’ll also need either a VERY sharp craft knife or better still a Dremmel or similar. It should be noted I used a knife… and was VERY careful.
  • Superglue on standby. Happy
  • Latex gloves (or similar)

Step Two – Removing the enclosure

The VERY easy bit. Remove the bulb enclosure from the TV. You open the side panel using the large screw like lock at its top. Then remove the entire door (it’s not attached). Then you undo the two retaining silver screws at the top left and bottom right of the enclosure and slowly and carefully remove it.

Step Three – Removing the bulb from the enclosure.

This is actually VERY easy on a Sagem Axium as it is held in place with a simple retaining clip. What isn’t so easy is the power block.

Firstly, you need to cut the power connector (pictured above) in half. this is to allow it to be removed from the enclosure without breaking the part that retains the power block. Don’t panic. If you should break the top arm off, it can easily be bonded back to the main unit using Superglue.

Step Four – Re-Assembly

Using latex gloves to protect the new bulb during installation. It is essential that the glass remain perfectly clean and smudge free for best working.

Install the light first, making sure you can route the cables, don’t try it the other way around.

Install the cable plug.. again… superglue as a standby.

Step Five – Before we finish!

Now it’s time for the fuse. At the top of the enclosure, behind the barcode you’ll find a tiny 0.5 amp fuse. It WILL be blown. Simply replace it with any 20mm 0.5 amp fuse and… wait for it… YOU’RE DONE!!

Step Six – Finishing up

While there you might want to VERY carefully clean up the inside of the projector unit which can because dusty. Always pull the dust outwards, never push in as you’ll get dust on the colour wheel… which is BAD.

Pop the enclosure back in the TV. Then replace the door and turn on the TV. After about 10 seconds it will switch on and your 10-15 minutes work will have saved you several hundreds of pounds.

Good luck!

Update – Where do I get the bulb?

In recent years it’s been a little harder to find a “retailer” who stocks the Osram bulb as used by Sagem. However, as is mostly the case, you’ll be happy to find out that eBay appears to be a welcome source of the p-vip 100 and it’s actually COME DOWN IN PRICE. There’s no point in posting links here, as they will be so quickly out of date. But certainly seller Lamps-4-Less appears to hold good stock and hopefully will do in the future.

Update 2 – Video from comments

I was sent this video in the comments. It’s not exactly the same procedure I had to carry out, mainly because my replacement bulb had pre-fitted cables that could not be removed. But it’s very useful.



    • You may be in look here. I’ve just done a quick look on eBay and there are quite a number of people selling the bulb for less than £100.

      Can you tell me what TV you are looking to replace the bulb on? Is it the Sagem model HD45?

  1. Just a comment that its worth looking at It made it easy for me, and avoided the cutting of the block described here.

    The provider of the video ( sold me the bulb plus required slow-blow 500mA fuse for about £60. (I am a customer and not otherwise affiliated with them.)

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