Not so terrific service from Saab Wilson and Co in Bolton

Apple really ought to buy Saab.

It would make me a happy chappy, because in the scheme of things I’ve had better service from Apple than any other manufacturer.

Saab Dealer Expert Booth
Apple.. No, Saab expert booth

Now, I’m not saying that Apple is perfect, not by a long chalk. They hide the details of new and better systems from happy customers so that they spend hard earned cash and two days later the next best thing comes out. Everybody does this though, it’s how you sell old stock. But for some reason, it’s MORE displeasing when Apple does it.

The fact is that if you have visited a Saab dealership recently and should have had the good fortune to live near an Apple store; you’ll have noticed something.

It’s something as subtle as a cockroach dashing across a white rug and its the basic fact that somebody at Saab appears to have ripped off the entire look and feel of an Apple store and installed it across all UK dealers.

It’s that all white, black letters in bold black font look. The brochures are even more so.


Apple Experts
Saab... No Apple experts booth

What you see above is the Saab experts booth. A sort of super salesman (irony) that’s got all the inside knowledge and can direct you towards the perfect Saab for you. I’ll give you a clue, it’s the expensive one.

You look at that and have to directly compare it with the genius bar at Apple. White panels, black lettering. Although, in the Apple store, somewhat more friendly.

Now at Apple it’s true to say that while a number of their machines are quality items, you pay a premium to own them. But the upside is that you expect somewhat better service. I once had a laptop die on my and Apple gave me a loaner so I could do a presentation on it. Now that’s service. Try to get a courtesy car out of Saab if you dare!

My problem with Saab, and to be exact Wilson & Co in Bolton, is that despite the assurances of paying more for a quality mark… the service is pretty poor.

Lets go through the list.
1. They have failed and continue to fail to send us proof of the Gap insurance we paid for.
2. They have failed and continue to fail to send us the details of the warranty that applies to the car.
3. They failed to setup our ‘inclusive’ AA membership.
4. They sold the car ‘with new service’ but it now appears that the service not carried out. Which is terrible because I was advised that the indicator light mustn’t be right.
5. I ran over a rock (better that than hit an oncoming truck or end up in a ditch) and damaged a wheel. They charged me £50 for a safety inspection but failed to notice that my rear brake like was spraying brake fluid out.

And finally;

6. Today I called the Sales Director and explained very nicely my problems and he promised to get back to me in two hours time. He didn’t.

So what am I to do? Well, this for one. I’m blogging this because I know that I get at least a few thousand hits per month on my blog and next if I don’t get satisfaction (which I will also blog in the effort to be fair) I will be contacted trading standards and just about anybody else I can think of because the car was not describe correctly at point of sale. Not to mention how very poorly the service has been.

So remember, that’s Saab Wilson & Co, of Manchester Road, Bolton. Think before you buy.

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